Maternity Skirts in Traverse City

One of the common questions we receive at Twice Trendy Tots is whether expectant mothers can still wear skirts. Maternity can limit some of your fashion options, but skirts are one of the articles where that out-dated notion is not the case. Our experienced staff takes the time to learn about your unique situation before making recommendations from our plus size clothing collection.manequin 2-01

There are a few characteristics you should take into account before making your decision on buying your maternity skirts. First, each woman’s belly can take-on a different shape. Where your baby is situated can impact your fashion options – especially if your child rests lower, near your waistline. Secondly, take time to think about the fabrics that make you comfortable. This is important, as your favorite fabric before your pregnancy may not stretch enough for your new body. Finally, you’ll want to think about whether your legs have changed since you’ve become pregnant.

Skirt Options During Pregnancy

Besides selecting your favorite colors, decide on the type of skirt that suits you. Most pregnant women will choose between either ‘below the knee’ or ‘above the knee’ styles.

Most times, the occasion and how many weeks pregnant you happen to be will determine what skirt length is appropriate. For example, if you’re in your first trimester and headed to a chic business function – above the knee is a common choice.

Here are just a few of the maternity skirt styles that we often carry at Twice Trendy Tots:

• Zipper detail
• Pencil fit
• Tiered

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