Maternity Shorts, Leggings & Pants

Once you’ve reached approximately the 8th week of pregnancy, you’ll probably require more than a waistline expansion for your jeans and pre-pregnancy bottoms. That makes it important to begin shopping early for maternity pants, leggings, and shorts that match the weather and occasion. Whether you’re lounging at home during winter or staying active by enjoying the outdoors, it’s important to have someone on your side who has helped many other women in your situation.mtpants-01

At Twice Trendy Tots, our friendly staff takes the time to learn where you are in your pregnancy. With that information, we can help you select the right sizes and styles of shorts, leggings, or pants during pregnancy. That wealth of experience equips us with the resources and know-how for helping you create dynamic ensembles that won’t break your budget!

Stretchy Fabrics to Stylish, Maternity Fashions

Even after your pregnancy is over, we’re here to buy back your gently-worn garments, so that other mothers in Northern Michigan can benefit from our expertise! To help ensure that your maternity bottoms and outwear is as comfortable as possible, we also aim stock newer apparel, like many of these fashionable maternity clothes:

• Yoga pants
• Stretchy leggings
• Workout pants
• Available in varieties of synthetic fibers!

Depending on your body-type and lifestyle, it’s important to set a budget when shopping during your pregnancy. Because we’ve dealt specifically with women during all stages of motherhood, including pre-planning – we can advise you on what to consider when purchasing your maternity shorts, leggings, and pants at our Traverse City location!

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