Maternity Shirts, Blouses & Tops in Traverse City

Even if you’re already a mother or have helped friends and family during pregnancies, a common concern is how to deal with your body’s physical changes. The primary area of concern is often finding maternity tops and shirts that fit!

Modifying your clothes or wearing larger garments from the back of our closet can be a temporary solution, but eventually – purchasing gently-used blouses and shirts during pregnancy is inevitable. That’s when we help!

Shopping During Pregnancy, Season-By-Season

Depending on when you become an expectant mother, the climate often determines what maternity tops you’ll need immediately. While factoring your changing body chemistry can cause you to feel bouts of warmth and cold, you’ll want to base your ‘pregnant apparel’ around layering. That way, you’ll be prepared when temperatures, or your own physiology, begin to change.

At Twice Trendy Tots, we’ve helped many women through the years with assembling their fashion ensemble, which can include the following maternity tops that we routinely stock:

• Tank-tops
• Long-sleeved t-shirts
• Sweaters
• Maternity Blouses
• And many other styles!

Don’t let your new body change the way you dress. We proudly offer a wide selection, in many colors and sizes, for a variety of fashion tastes. From the beginning stages of pregnancy to entering your third trimester, Twice Trendy Tots has you covered!

Selling Maternity Tops & Shirts at Twice Trendy Tots

Whether you’re having your first child, awaiting the newest addition to your growing family, or simply looking to sell your gently-used outwear and sleepwear – Twice Trendy Tots looks forward to hearing from you. To meet our friendly, experienced staff, please contact us online or stop-by our convenient location near Traverse City!