Maternity Dresses in Traverse City

Some expecting mothers believe the misconception that having a baby ‘bump’ significantly limits your fashion options. That was once the case, but not any longer. Shopping for plus-sized clothing and outwear isn’t just confined to the ‘muumuu’s of yesteryear!

At Twice Trendy Tots, we’ve made it our mission to pair you with maternity dresses and clothing that reflects the fashions, and functionality, that you deserve. After all – you have enough to concentrate on during your pregnancy, so selecting the right attire shouldn’t cause you even more headaches. Throughout our years of buying and selling maternity dresses in Traverse City, we’ve amassed a wide selection of colors and sizes that match your unique tastes.

Functional, Fashion Forward Maternity Wear

Whether you’re relaxing at home during your third trimester or dressing for success as a pregnant professional in your workplace – you deserve more than a 9-month fashion hiatus.

While shopping at our Northern Michigan-based maternity store, here are just a few of the maternity dress styles that we may have in-stock or, if you’re looking to clean-out your wardrobe, accepting for purchase:

• Color-Block Dresses
• Day-to-Night Maternity Dresses
• Maxi Dresses for Pregnant Women
• Beaded Dresses
• Classic Lace

More Than Just ‘Pregnant Lady’ Treatment

While it’s nice to be pampered and helped during your pregnancy, our staff at Twice Trendy Tots wants to empower you while creating your ideal ensemble. That’s an approach that has earned us so many loyal customers over the years. It’s also why expectant mothers choose us when shopping for their maternity dresses in Traverse City.

To learn more about our personalized approach to helping you, contact us today! We look forward to sharing this special time in your life with you and your new, growing family.