Kids & Children’s Puzzles in Traverse City

Even for adults all over the world, puzzles remain one of the most popular ways to pass the time. As technology advances, new and challenging puzzles are continuously invented. Whether you’re a traditionalist who loves physical puzzles, mazes, or modernized, electronic conundrums – there’s something out there to suit their skills and interests. For children, puzzles not only entertain, but can instill a wide variety of lessons!

As a parent, one of your goals is help your son or daughter develop. At Twice Trendy Tots, our staff appreciates that mission, as we work everyday to ensure that your family has access to affordable, safe, and gently-used children’s puzzles!

Benefits to Puzzle-Solving for Kids

Depending on how your loved one learns and explores the world around them, here are some of the ways your son or daughter can benefits from our collection of children’s puzzles:

• Enhance Memory
• Goal-Setting
• Fine Motor Skills
• Hand-Eye Coordination
• Persistence

Types of Children’s Puzzles

Whether you’re looking for birthday and Christmas presents or simply introducing someone to the wonderment of puzzle-solver, here are some different types to consider:

• Pencil & Paper Puzzles – While Sudoku is too advanced for most children, puzzles that rely on writing and arithmetic offer avenues for skill-building before that begin preschool.
• Table-Top Jigsaw Puzzles – While helping kids learn from trial-and-error and build a sense of accomplishment, traditional table-top puzzles are fun ways for families to work together. Purchase a puzzle that depicts their favorite fictional characters for added excitement!
• Building Models – Despite not being thought of as puzzles in the traditional sense, creating a model can be a worthwhile adventure for children who’re further along in their development.

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