Children’s Books in Traverse City

As early as 1-year, your toddler can already benefit from the value of books. For many kids, this begins a fascination that pay-off for the rest of their lives!

Because toddlers are attracted to human faces, it’s a great idea to surround your children with books that include life-like characters. By the time they’ve reached 2-years-old, children begin to recognize more details in pictures. Finally – when your child is age 3, they can begin to understand words and will benefit greatly from reading to them.

Creating Your Child’s Book Collection

At Twice Trendy Tots, you can find gently-used, affordable children’s books in Traverse City that range from the tales you know to informational resources. Whether it’s your newborn who’s simply recognizing colors or your 6-year-old who’s practicing reading to prepare for school – your family is sure to find something in our collection!

Here are popular types of books we typically recommend for different age ranges:

• Birth thru 12 months – Read your child books with simple poems and nursery rhymes. Make sure you include books with lots of vibrant colors that will draw your young one’s eye to the pages
• 1-year thru 2-years – At this point, your young-one can begin to handle small books with pictures of real-life objects
• 2-years thru 3-years – Expose your son or daughter to highly-detailed children’s books with pictures. At this age, kids respond favorably to music, DVDs, and television shows
• 3-years through kindergartener – As your loved-one begins to understand words, explain definitions to them and introduce them to books with story structure

Depending on how your child learns, your loved-one should experience a mix of information and entertainment. Educational books will increase their knowledge-base, preparing them for academics – while fun stories will cultivate their love of literature!

Contact the staff at Twice Trendy Tots to learn how our collection can benefit your family!