Children’s Board Games in Traverse City

Once your toddler advances beyond 2-years-old, they graduate from building blocks to being able to play children’s board games. While most of these games will be rudimentary at first, spending quality time with your child will instill them with these important values:

• How to follow directions
• Sharing and respecting other people’s personal space
• Problem-solving
• Taking turns
• How to win and lose graciously

While the majority of introductory kid’s games are cooperative in-nature, lacking clear ‘win-loss’ scenarios, studies show that learning to overcome casual adversity is a great way to build character within your young loved one! Because playing-cards are nearly impossible for most toddlers to hold, it’s best to start with games that don’t use cards or smaller pieces.

Selection the Best Games for Your Kids

At Twice Trendy Tots, we stock a wide variety of children’s board games in Traverse City. Our friendly staff understands the skills that your son or daughter possesses during each stage of childhood. That equips us to pair your family with gently-used games that provide hours of entertainment!

Once your child begins attending school, they can usually learn card games – as well as more complex, classic board games. As television and electronic media becomes popular, it makes sense to buy gently-used games – instead of expensive alternatives. That way, you’ll stay within your budget during major shopping seasons!

Finding Board Games for Your Child

At Twice Trendy Tots, we’re sensitive to your budget. That’s why we make it a priority to ask questions and learn what type of games will bring the most value. Whether it’s introducing your loved ones to a favorite game from your childhood or starting a new family tradition, we can help!

Contact us today to learn about what we currently have in-stock, as well as the newest arrivals to our collection!