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Now that your newborn has started exploring his or her surroundings, it’s important to nurture and entertain their young minds. With the wealth of children’s toys on the market, you should be selective with purchases. Not only should the toys that you invest in be safe, but they should also provide learning opportunities and entertainment!

Here are just a few of the items we routinely keep on-hand

Children’s Books
Board Games for Kids
Kid’s Puzzles

How to Choose Infant Toys for Newborns

Here are a couple of factors that new parents should weigh when buying toys, puzzles, and fun books for their sons or daughters:

• Age – Certain toys, like non-adjustable scooters and vehicles, can quickly become too small for your growing child. That’s why most parents shop for kid’s toys that nurture creativity and have a high ‘replay’ value. That includes building blocks, washable markers, and colorful paper to write on. The age and skill-set of your child will also dictate how advanced their toys should be.
• Personality – Your child’s unique personally is another key component when selecting their entertainment. Considering that most children are drawn to objects based on sight, sound, or touch – take time to think about how your toddler prefers to interact with their world. Because newborns are attracted to human faces, a picture-book that includes human-like characters makes for a great gift!

Popular Infant Toys for Girls & Boys

At Twice Trendy Tots, our staff helps parents select enriching children’s toys in Traverse City. Through our policy of purchasing gently-used puzzles, books, and even sporting-goods from local families – we’re able to offer many affordable options. And when your son or daughter eventually outgrows their current playthings, feel free to bring them back to us for resale!


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Whether you’re a resident, or simply visiting Northern Michigan – contact us today to learn more about our vast collection of children’s toys in Traverse City!