Baby Pajamas & Sleepers in Traverse City

A comfortable baby is a happy baby! As a new parent, you’ve probably heard that your rest, relaxation, and sleep will all be at a premium with a fussy baby nearby. One of the ways to ensure that your new loved one doesn’t keep you awake is to carefully select baby pajamas, sleepers, or sleep sacks that ensure their nighttime contentment!

Instead of breaking your budget or trying to fit your growing child into under-sized, cheap clothing – stop by Twice Trendy Tots! We stock a wide assortment of sleepwear for newborns, up to children who’re starting preschool!

Newborn Sleepwear for All Seasons

Given the ever-changing climate in Northern Michigan, it helps to have a one-stop shopping resource for all of your son or daughter’s sleepwear needs.

Here are just a few of the styles that may have in-stock at our Traverse City location:

  • One-Piece ‘Footie’ Outfits
  • Blanket Sleepers for Babies
  • Sleep Sacks
  • One & Two-Piece Baby Pajamas

Because we help so many parents and families find gently-used sleepwear and outerwear, call-ahead to inquire about our sales or what we have on-hand!

Functional, Fashion-Forward Attire

Without sacrificing style, you can now find functional sleepwear that doesn’t make diaper-changing a fiasco. At Twice Trendy Tots, our staff helps you select clothing options designed specifically for the unique needs of new parents!

Make Your Tot Trendy Today!

Near Traverse City, our convenient location serves parents all around Northern Michigan. Through our mission to provide a resource for baby pajamas and sleepers, we’ve amassed an impressive selection – thanks to local parents who’ve either donated or re-sold their items back to us.

To learn more about our commitment to your community or to browse our shop, contact us today!