Baby Hats for Northern Michigan

From the beach to the snow-banks, weather in Northern Michigan can be dangerous and unpredictable. The concern that many parents have is protecting their son or daughter from those unforgiving elements.

We know about the threat of sunburn and UV rays on sensitive skin. There’s also safeguarding young ears from below-freezing temperatures. Baby hats are a year-round necessarily that should fit your child’s growing body! At Twice Trendy Tots, we carry baby hats for a wide range of ages and head sizes. Not only that – we’re mindful of your family’s budget, so our collection includes gently-used styles that are cost-effective!

Types of Newborn Headwear

Whether you child has sensitive skin, requires breathable material, or has issues being fitted properly – we’re here to help! From staying cozy during winter to enjoying the outdoors, address your needs by browsing our stock of the following headwear types:

  • Baby Beanies
  • Broad-Brimmed & Bonnets
  • Winter Caps
  • Wool, Fleece & Much More!

Most of our loyal customers have trouble finding winter apparel. For both infants and the elderly, our region’s harsh climate can present health concerns if you’re not prepared.

Choosing Hat Sizes for Babies

Our friendly staff takes the time to help you find winter hats that are affordable, fits your loved one’s growing physique, and provide comfort. As your son or daughter grows, it will become more difficult to find quality head-wear. This is important, considering that you don’t want to buy a new hat every couple months!

Because we’ve helped parents find hats for a wide range of ages, we’re your local resource for outfitting your son or daughter! Stop-in today at our convenient location in Traverse City to browse our collection of baby hats today. Or – you can contact us to learn more about current sales and our policy for buying your lightly-used articles!