Baby Outerwear & Apparel in Traverse City

Babies seem like they grow overnight, making your baby’s winter outwear and summer apparel oftentimes useless the following year. And if you’re home5-01like most parents on a budget, that can be a problem – especially if you have multiple children!

Gently-Used Baby Outfits & Reselling

That’s why it’s important to have a local resource for finding, and re-selling, your family’s clothing once it’s outlived its usefulness. In-addition to the financial savings, you’ll also have the satisfaction of helping another family in Northern Michigan who is in your situation!

At Twice Trendy Tots in Traverse City, our knowledgeable staff can help you navigate decisions when it comes to selecting the ensemble for your loved ones – during all seasons. Whether you’re a first-time mother or expert at uncovering hidden gems at thrift stores, you can benefit from browsing our collection of these lightly-used pieces and types of baby’s outerwear:

When your little-one becomes not-so-little, bring-in your gently-used articles for resale. Feel free to call ahead or stop-by! We’ll even help you sort and fold the clothing that you sell or donate.

home7-01Affordability & Functionality

From time-to-time, being a parent comes with some not-so-pleasant surprises. That’s especially the case for changing diapers when you least expect to! At Twice Trendy Tots, we make sure to accept, and stock, baby’s outerwear and apparel that takes functionality into account.

From baby pants with elastic waists to magnetic buttons for streamlining diaper-changing, our collection of infant clothing helps you overcome some of the challenges associated with being a new parent!

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