How We Buy It...

1. Collect your childrens’ clothing, toys, books, games, puzzles, baby gear and more.  We take sizes preemie to tween 18/20.  We also take maternity.

2. Bring your items in at your convenience!  We buy all day, every day & all seasons, all the time.  No appointments needed.

3. We pay you for the items we accept.  We offer a money option or a store credit option.  Store credit option is 20% more.  We process all orders same day*

4. Walk-ins are accepted all day every day!  We are open M-F 9 am-7 pm and Sat 9 am-6 pm.  Just stop in at your convenience.  

*If we have an abundance of walk-ins or your order is very large we may not get all orders in same day.  We guarantee next business day.   

How much you get paid...

*We pay based on brands, styles, condition and original retail cost.

*How to get more for your items ~ have them freshly laundered, clean and ready to be sold.

*We offer a money option for the items we accept or a store credit option.  Store credit option is 20% more.

Our mission at Twice Trendy Tots is to make selling a success for all our Trendy families who sell to us.   

How to bring your items in...

Bringing in your items is easy: Just stop in at Twice Trendy Tots at your convenience! 

We have a stress free policy!  Our mission is to make selling to Twice Trendy Tots an easy, relaxed process for our families!  Just bring your items in & we take care of the rest!

We take all seasons & all brands, all the time!  

We try to keep your kids trendy so we pass on items with stains, tears, broken zippers, missing buttons, and older style clothing.  No need to do any sorting our staff will do this for you.  Just bring your items in.  Having your items freshly laundered, clean and ready to sell is very helpful to the staff.  

If you have any questions about any items you would like to sell, please call us at 231-944-1868.